This was a fun project to work on with Lauren Scruggs near the end of 2013, beginning of 2014.

Connecting back several years ago, I made an initial website design for Lauren and since have re-designed her website and simple web logo looks as well to fit her ever changing update on fashion, food and life.

What went on during this project?

  • Web design – New Look and Feel, transitioning from a previous look. A “Makeover” would be the correct term for the fashion blog.
  • Theme Customization – We used a web theme and customized the mobile feel it presents, the way the menu acts, and the width of the feature images for new posts.
  • Theme Testing – As with many clients, we using a testing plugin that allowed us to test out the new look and feel prior to making the site live. This allowed us to get it “just right” for the client without taking down the previous site design, all while testing with live existing content.
  • General Training and Coaching – As with many, if not almost all clients, we do a training session on “Now that we have a site, where do we go from here? How do we maintain it?”

Similar Projects: (While this was not a total web overhaul, this was another fashion blog, who happens to be friends with Lauren, who needed some adjustments.)

Check them out:
(Since we only designed the “look and feel” of the website, we are not responsible for the content on the site, nor any changes that may have taken place once we turned the project back over to the client).