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I am excited about the relaunch of a client’s website as I just finished an overhaul of Jeff and Cheryl Scrugg’s website –

Jeff and Cheryl have an amazing story of marriage without a true central focus, an emotional divorce after 2 years of being married, the real divorce years later — and then an amazing story of God intervening in their lives as individuals — and a marriage reconciliation that only God could do. Here is Jeff and Cheryl’s story:

How to pick the wedding ring to mark a memorable wedding ceremony

Wedding rings are meant to worn for lifetime. Therefore, before you choose a wedding ring there some important aspect that you have to look for. The medium – weight plain wedding ring that is made of pure white gold is the new trend in the market.

Make your wedding memorable and enjoyable

Wedding is a very important occasion in our life. Therefore, you have to make this occasion memorable and enjoyable. You have to be very careful while you choose your wedding dress and accessories. It should match you and the style of the wedding ceremony. Wedding dress, wedding ring, wedding jewelry etc play an important role in this pleasant occasion. Before you select these things, you have to know what style and color suits your skin color and body shape. Read More…